Monday, August 31, 2009


Well, we did it. We moved. No, not everything, but a majority of our belongings are now moved AND unpacked at our own new home. We even went so far last week as hanging up a few choice paintings.

The house is no where near done when it comes to decorating and furnishing, but those are things we can do eventually. For now, all of the books are on bookshelves, clothes in closets, dishes in cupboards, and curtains on rods. We are so glad to have our own place and although it is a lot smaller than the last house we stayed at, this one is ours. What with packing and moving, I haven't gotten around to taking pictures yet, but they will be posted very soon.

In other news, today is the first day of classes at BYU for fall term and it also coincides with my first day of work at the Babies'R'Us in Midvale. Waking up at 5:45 was not that pleasant, but being back in the swing of things is great. I struggled last term with happiness and stuff, but this semester I have it all under control. I even have my reading done for math tomorrow.

Over the next couple weeks these are the things that Jon and I are looking forward to.

1. Jon's dinner with his mission president and companions
2. The Hamilton's coming to town
3. Fishing at Strawberry
4. Dar visiting from Michigan
5. Unpacking the last few things and cleaning the basement
6. Working in the yard at our house
7. Cooler nights
8. And maybe... one more trip to Park City

Monday, August 24, 2009

Oquirrh Mountain Temple Dedication

Oquirrh Mountain

I recently discovered that I am totally in charge of how I wake up in the morning and it's based on how I go to bed the night before. Jon is much more of a morning person than me, but I decided this week that I would wake up first on Sunday morning and get ready without being sassy. I set my own alarm and got up at 7 to shower and do my hair and make-up so that Jon could sleep in. Telling myself the night before that I wouldn't be sassy totally helped. I got ready and Jon finally got out of bed around 8 to get ready for the temple dedication.

Jon looking out on the dreary morning

For those of you who do not live in Utah, this week church was canceled for all wards in Utah so that everyone could have an opportunity to attend the Oquirrh Mountain temple dedication. There were sessions at 9 and 3. We chose to attend the 9 am session so we could nap when we got home.

The dedication was wonderful and President Monson even told a funny story about President Uctdorf visiting the President's 747. I guess he had to tell Dieter not to take off with the President's plane. We spent the rest of the day lounging around the house. It was a wonderful Sunday.

Jon with his handkerchief and recommend, we have matching hankies.

Me with my hankie and recommend. I am a dork and wore an outfit opposite of his.

Partying with Friends

Look at this, we are blogging before it has even been a week! Yay for finally getting into the swing of things.

Saturday morning Jon and I woke up and had the urge to visit Park City again. We're seriously hooked. It was just so hot here in the Valley and we wanted to go somewhere "cool." Unlucky for us as we got closer and closer to Park City it got warmer and warmer. On the way up I remembered that I need white polo shirts for my new job so we stopped for a minute at the outlets and bought a couple from Eddie Bauer on a BOGO half off deal. I normally hate polo shirts, but these fit pretty well.

Once we were done there, we finished our drive up to Main Street. It was so gorgeous. We stopped in a few art galleries and decided that my parents need to come for a visit. All of the Native American art and the wild animals photographed in Yellowstone just reminded me of the decor back home. We stopped at the Old Candy Shop for a s'more, just like in Old Towne San Diego. It was just a great relaxing afternoon.

Jon standing in front of Main Street.

Standing in front of the Park City clothing store.
(Yes, we wore matching Detroit shirts that day. Thanks Sara and Scott.)

After walking around in the heat we decided to stop for lunch at Coldstone Creamery. We had a giftcard from the Palmers and each enjoyed a Like It creation before driving back to Bountiful. Our purpose for driving back so early? To join our friends at Sue's house for a end of summer barbecue. What a blast! We saw old friends and met a few new people and mostly just enjoyed the evening. As time ticked on, we realized it was time for Aimee and David's flight to land. We concluded a gorgeous Saturday with a trip to the airport. We picked up David, Aimee, and 100 lbs of fish, from Alaska. We are glad they made it home safe and love love love our new freezer that now houses all of the fish. Thank you

Enjoy the pictures.

Rebecca and Sue outside, Lindsey and Scott inside.

Jon was reading Nie Nie's blog at the party.

Everyone hanging out in the "pool" area.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Family Home Boating

Well, we still haven't missed one Monday since we got married in our pursuit of FHE perfection. We do forget to have a spiritual thought sometimes, but we always have plans with friends or one another for the evening. This Monday Curt called and invited us to go boating with him. There is no way that Jon would ever turn down a chance to be on the water, so out we went. We met up with Pedro, Cheryl, and Michelle as well for this boating trip and had a really good time.

During this trip I got to see: Jon wakeboard, Curt land a front flip for the first time, Cheryl dominate at water skiing, and a gorgeous sunset!

There's Pedro and Cheryl, with Curt captaining the boat.

Michelle sat in the back with me and Jon.

Here's Cheryl showing off her skills on the water ski.

The GORGEOUS sunset!

Jon was tearing it up on the wake board.

Proof that Curt made the full forward rotation. He landed it right after this and rode it out.

He was so excited that he landed it that he decided to surf the lake after. I don't think his dentist would approve of this picture.

I think this picture of Jon is so awesome! I love the sunset in the background with the spray as well.

Well, I may not have gotten in the water, but I still had a good time.

Park City Evening

Last Friday was a Fun Friday for Jon at work. That means that he gets off of work at 3 instead of 5:45. To take advantage of the extra Friday time together, we decided to use some of our Entertainment book coupons. It's been a goal of ours all summer to try out the alpine slide in Park City. Luckily we had a two-for-one coupon and ventured out to give it a try. Jon went down first and never slowed up on the corners. I was more of a pansy and used the brake at the beginning of each curve. After the first curve where I was almost horizontal I decided to play it safe.
After we finished on the slide, Jon took me to Main Street in Park City. I had never been there before and totally fell in love with it. It reminded me of the downtown areas in the UP and Alaska. Using another crafty coupon, we found the Red Banjo Pizza Parlor. It was such a fun and quiet atmosphere and the food was delicious. We look forward to more weekends in Park City over the next year and even hope to spend a weekend at one of the resorts. Let us know if you have a favorite resort or restaurant so we can add it to our list.

Standing in front of the ski jumps at the Olympic Park.

Jon took a picture as we rode the chair lift to the top of the mountain.

He was totally at ease the whole ride, I, on the other hand was freaking out.

Demolition Derby

I've been trying to update the blog at least once a week and sometimes I miss out on adding our greatest adventures. So, to keep everyone up to date, last Wednesday Jon and I had the pleasure of attending the Davis County Fair. We only went to see the Demolition Derby, and boy oh boy was it an adventure. We were invited by our great friends the Bradshaws and brought David and Aimee along for the fun as well. We had great seats, pretty close to the front and love, love loved it when the cars got stuck in the hay bales in front of us. Here are some pictures from that night.

David and Aimee waiting for some cars to be cleared.

Dave and Teresa just being cute.

The amazing Sue! We love her!

Jon worked all night on getting me to "real smile."

Do you see the fire under the hood? Scary right?

His radiator hose broke and sprayed hot water everywhere.

By far the coolest crash of the night! The green car pushed the white car over, then the yellow car hit him.

This is what the cars all look like after awhile. They turn into Vs.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Big Kids

After our camping trip, we decided to stop at RC Willey to look at furniture. With the move coming up we were looking for an entertainment center. David and Aimee were also looking for new couches. Both couples found what they were looking for and then some. The best thing we found was on the third floor, a teeter totter. Enjoy the pictures and the video. I know I love it.

This is the gorgeous entertainment center we found. Originally $1700, we got it for $540.

This is the couch that David and Aimee found. Just Kidding. They found a great set.

Now this is the teeter totter we found and considered buying.

The boys really got a kick out of it.

Sorry the video didn't make it. I have to figure out how to convert from .mov to .mpeg first.

Camping, or Housing?

Last weekend Jon and I joined some of our best friends for a weekend of "camping." We joined Sara and Scott, JP and Stephani, and David and Aimee for a couple of days of relaxation. We drove up to Midway to Stephani's grandparents home and set up a few tents in the back yard. Then we waited for the evening to settle in so we could begin the fun with roasting marshmallows. As the night wore on most people snuck back into the house to sleep in a bed for the night. Jon and I stuck it out and slept in a tent.

The boys played football/frisbee/golf.

Jon was in charge of cooking the dutch oven cobbler.

Cam was enjoying the golf balls. I promise David didn't hit him with the putter.

Sara and Scott, we love these two.

David and Aimee, pretty much awesome Brother and Sister of ours.

JP and Stephani, we are excited to get to know them better!

Us, we are pretty cheesy.

Our Mallows caught on fire at the same time.

Jon eating a really yummy s'more.

The House

As most of you know, Jon and I are currently in the process of buying a home. Although you never know if closing dates will be moved, our tentative date is August 26th. If anyone wants to volunteer to help us move... we'll be moving in Friday the 28th. A few stats about the house include: 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, finished "mother-in-law" basement with kitchenette, all new appliances, paint, flooring, and fixtures, new roof. We are so excited to start our life out in our own home. We really look forward to hosting some fun football and dinner parties. Leave a comment if you want to schedule a game night, movie night, or just a hang out.

Here's the house.

This is the upstairs bathroom. It's small, but serves all of the appropriate functions.

This is the view out the front window. We'll definitely need some window treatments.

The amazingly beautiful kitchen with tons of storage space.

Jon hanging out in the basement. The ceiling is a little low, but hey, he fits.

Last but not least, the downstairs kitchenette. There are more pictures on my facebook page too.