Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Few More Adventures

After looking through our honeymoon pictures, Jon and I made a commitment to get skinny and healthy. We decided to enroll in Weight Watchers. Jon is doing it online and I am doing the meetings. I decided I would have to be more honest if someone else recorded my weight. So, to be more active, we hiked to the Mt. Timpanogos caves. It was the hottest day of the summer so far, but it was totally worth it. Here are a few pictures.

Jon holding up the arch. There are two of these on the way up

We finally reached the top!

Inside the caves.

By this point I had dropped 5 lbs since the honeymoon and Jon was down 3. We have since continued eating healthy and are still losing weight. To continue with the active lifestyle, we jumped at the chance to go out with our friends Scott and Sara. They invited us to join them for dinner and a fun family home evening. We drove down to the SouthTowne Expo Center to see the Pioneer Day floats that were on display. We got to vote on our favorite floats and really just enjoy some time with good friends.

Here is a picture of cute Cam with his little grin. He enjoyed the balloon animals.

Here's the whole group of us in front of Jon's vote for best float

And this is a cute picture of the Talbot family. Jon and I wouldn't be together if it weren't for the setting up skills of the Talbots.

David and Aimee are Married

So, after our adventures in California, Michigan, and Antigua, we decided to stay in Utah for awhile. Lucky for us, David and Aimee decided to get married in the Bountiful temple so we didn't have to leave Utah for awhile. We had the wonderful pleasure of hosting Mom and Dad Hamilton as well as the Quigleys for the weekend. Much fun was had as you can see in the following pictures.

Right after they were sealed for time and all eternity
Jon with his little brother David
Sometimes photos can get quite boring, so we invited Sam to be our own modelThis is the whole family shot from the temple, the colors are orange and brown
At the luncheon we tied a ribbon around Ben's head, it was a little girly
All of the Hamilton girls in one picture
After David and Aimee left for their honeymoon, we decided to go out in the mountains and roast marshmellows. Somehow the boys all ended up wearing blue shirts and khaki bottoms.
So... after being in Utah for a couple weeks. We headed back down to California. This time we drove. Riding on 27 airplanes in 2 months was enough for us. These pictures are from David and Aimee's second reception. We spent the day at the beach and had the pleasure of Sam and Ben's company in the car. Sam liked that I could see him through my headrest.Waiting for everyone else to get to the car, we let Ben "drive" for a few minutes

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An Update

Well, sorry guys, we suck at this blogging thing. A lot of things have happened since our last blog post, the most important being that we got married! Jon and I were married at the San Diego temple at 11 am. The ceremony was wonderful and it was the best to spend time with our family and close friends.

The Raymonds outside of the TempleJon and I right after we were sealed for time and all eternity
The Hamiltons in front of the Temple

After the ceremony we went to Jon's parents' home and enjoyed a yummy luncheon while the kids had a chance to swim in the pool. Then it was back to business. We all packed up and headed over to the Meacham's house for the reception.

Everything there was perfect. Better than I ever could have dreamed. Our red, white, and blue theme popped so well with the green of the yard. It was amazing. We changed quickly at the end of the reception and started our crazy travels.
The food table
Family table
Changed into our travelling clothes on the way out the door

The hairpins in my hairdo set off the metal detector so I had the wonderful experience of being frisked. We flew from San Diego to Chicago (where I was frisked again) and then finally to Miami. It was Saturday morning by the time we left Miami and our plane landed in Antigua that afternoon. I won't give too many details about the honeymoon, but lets just say we were not so happy when our bags showed up three days after we did. We relaxed a lot and enjoyed the time on the water, kayaking, sailing, paddle boating, and just hanging out. We were glad to come back to the U.S. by the end of our week though.
We stayed at Jolly Beach VacationsRight before our zipline tourWe went to dinner at the only open restarauntThis was during the sunset cruiseJon caught a hermit crab right before we left for the airport

Coming back from Antigua was a disaster with long customs lines, a missed flight, being rerouted to Dallas, and just barely making it back to Michigan in time for our reception. It was worth it though. We got to enjoy a few hours sleep in one of the fanciest suites I have ever seen at the Marriot in Dallas.
Our fancy suite in Dallas

We did make it to Michigan in time for our reception and were gladly greated by our family and my great friends from home. The pie was delicious and I was just glad to be back in the United States.
We had a Vernors toastIntroducing Jack and Hunter to my grandmaThe spreadThe tables, each centerpiece was a pie

We stayed and enjoyed the next morning at the Southfield ward before hurrying back to the airport to get on a plane for Michigan. What a joy it was to get home. To our own home... sort of. To prevent this from being a never-ending blog, I will split up the next few events. Also, to see more pictures just visit my website.