Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Look at Our Paint

I mentioned on my group blog last week that Jon and I are repainting the majority of the upstairs of our house.  It's been a long project and we lost a little steam so we are taking a break from painting for awhile.  We have successfully finished the paint in the hallway and living room though.  The living room is called barefoot beach and although I don't think you can tell from the pictures, it is a light tan/gray.  In the hallway we have country beige.  The two colors were on the same paint chip and the color we selected for the kitchen and bathroom was as well.  When we get the motivation those rooms will be tattered sail.

The first finished corner with crown molding in the living room.  Barefoot Beach is the color.
Here's another shot of the wall color and our cute kitty Star.

Tired after all of the painting, Star curled up with me.
In other news, I rearranged the basement a bit this week.  I was sad that Curt moved and the basement seemed lonely, so I spent my spare time this week reorganizing it.  Ask Jon, that's my favorite leisure-time activity.  So, rather than thoroughly explaining what I did, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

The storage room now has a second makeshift guest bed in it.  Inflatable mattress on a bed frame.
Fully covered the green couches look better and I found the perfect spot for showcasing the plaque my mom made us for Christmas.
I moved the LoveSac and put our game collection on the shelves downstairs so it can be more of a hangout room.  I know the pheasants look weird, but I haven't found a better home for them.
I moved my awesome secretary to the basement with some help from Jon.  I wanted it in the family room down there so I can sew with the TV on.
Folded out with my sewing machine on it.  The drawers are full of scrap fabric, yarn, and current projects.