Sunday, May 15, 2011

He's Home!

We brought Koda home tonight and man is he one cute little guy.  Star did not want to be near him at first.  She did everything she could to get away, but now that he's asleep upstairs, she's walking near him, sniffing him, and just trying to decide if he's friend or foe.  I have more photos on the camera to add, but here are a few to keep everyone happy.
Star trying to get out of the laundry room/ bedroom

Koda testing out his basement bed and checking out his toys

He likes his basement bed and his upstairs one too
In the last photo you can see Dakota snuggling his pheasant.  When we saw this pheasant yesterday Jon NEEDED it because his Kodi dog had a favorite pheasant growing up.  Let's hope that Koda loves this one just as much.