Thursday, July 14, 2011


Ok, so I'm not a very good blogger.  It takes me forever to get around to uploading my pictures and then once they are uploaded I just worry that I am not witty enough to entertain the 5 of you who read this.  I decided to update though because seeing the pictures of little baby Koda make me miss him being so tiny.  So here is an update of photos of our cute animals.

We had some friends visit with a baby and we laid out this mat for her, Star decided that it was a cat mat, not a baby mat.  Don't worry, it is washable.
Koda eating with his momma Misty on the day we picked him up.
All tuckered out when he was still small enough for that bed.
Star likes to snuggle when Koda is not around.
See what I mean about being small enough for the bed?  And he's even bigger than this now!

He gave up on squeezing into that tiny bed, opting instead to use it as a pillow.

See, they don't hate each other.  These next few pictures are not in age order.
Sleeping near one another.  I am pretty sure she was still bigger than him in this picture.
I look crazy, but they were so close to snuggling I had to share.
They got even closer when Jon was trying to sleep.
I'm not sure who liked this little bed more, Star...
Or Dakota.
Last but not least, Koda's favorite hiding spot.  Under our bed where Star hides as well.
Sorry if this is a picture overload.  I figured it was better than trying to write about our boring day to day life.