Saturday, May 16, 2009

From the Mouth of Jon

We are here in Michigan, together! I got in late last night and went to sleep to an incredible thunderstorm. It was really nice to see Rachael again. And her parents. Rachael went through the temple today and it was a really great experience. There were a bunch of people there from her ward to show their support, which was really awesome. We are looking forward to being in the San Diego temple soon with a bunch of friends and family for another great experience!

I had my first Coney Island experience today with Rachael and her parents. I had a Coney Burger, which was pretty delicious! Then we went to the Detroit Science Center and played with all of the fun science exhibits. Following our educational experiencec at the science center, we drove around Detroit and the surrounding areas. It really is a beautiful place! The economy has been hit really hard here, though, and there are abandoned houses and buildings EVERYWHERE. It's really sad, but it was fun to see.

We fly back to Utah tomorrow, which is sad, but we have some exciting experiences coming up soon..... We'll keep you posted!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Home Again James

Sorry for the lack of consistency in posts, I'll work on that this week. Just for quick updates on the happenings of our lives, I am now in Michigan! Yesterday morning Jon took me to the airport so that I could come and spend a glorious week in the greenness of my home state. It's just refreshing to breathe here. I do miss Jon already, but it was pretty fun to see my mom on Mother's day.

In other news, we almost finished sewing my temple dress, the sleeves just need to be added. Last night we also went over to the home of a great family friend to start altering my wedding dress. Other tasks for the week involving finishing the guest list, getting my hair done, selecting pictures for a video, and deciding what, of all of my belongings stored at home, I want to keep. Life should be fun and pretty relaxing while I am here. My sisters also picked out the dresses they are wearing to the wedding and the outfits that the little babies will wear. Here they are.

This is the dress.

This is the baby boys' sailor suit. So cute, right?

On the Jon front, he is stuck in Utah slaving away at work all week. He will join me here in Michigan on Friday evening. This is his first real trip to Michigan, so I can't wait to show him around. During his week, I think he is planning on getting the house ready for his brother to get home from his mission. We cleaned like crazy last week, even getting the carpets cleaned. Then we started working on the lawn, which Jon is planning to finish while I am gone. He's got a busy week ahead of him.

That's most of the news in our lives for now. But I will try to keep everyone better posted.