Sunday, January 31, 2010

Month In Review

It's the last day of January, and our last post was right before we went to San Diego for Christmas. We can't skip an entire month without updating everyone on our lives, so for your reading enjoyment, I have decided to write a month-in-review for January.

Before I can write about January, however, I need to write about Christmas.

We were in San Diego this year, and we had a blast! It was great to get the whole family together. It is always growing, and this Christmas, we got to meet the newest addition, Charlotte Leanne Quigley, Nate and Alyssa's daughter. She was born in October, and she is absolutely adorable. She has a smile on her face nonstop, and when she cries (which isn't very often, or very loud) she snorts. Seriously. It is hilarious!
Here is the family with the new addition, Charlotte.

Christmas was so much fun! Christmas at the Hamilton house is always awesome, but what makes it even more fun are the little kids. It is awesome seeing their faces when they see their
Look at that excitement!!!

Happy Ben!

While in San Diego, Rachael and I went to the beach to take a picture for my mom to use as a decoration in the house. We got a few that we liked, but this one is probably our favorite.

January is Birthday month in our little family. Rachael's is on the 7th, and mine is on the 12th.
For Rachael's birthday, we went to Robintino's for dinner. The Mason's were in town visiting Jon's (yes, for all of you who don't know, my brother in-law is also a Jon, with his name spelled correctly) family, so they joined us at dinner, as did David and Aimee.

After dinner everyone came back to our house to open presents. Since we were in celebration mode, I decided to open my gifts as well, even though it wasn't my birthday. That's not something I normally do, because I like the suspense of waiting, but I was surrounded by early-openers so I gave in. Sam was a great helper. He is so enthusiastic to open gifts that aren't even his (but that could be because he thinks they are his...). He is so funny.

Rachael's new earrings.

Somehow, I convinced Rachael to come to the Utah Auto Show. Being from Detroit, the Utah show isn't very impressive. They only have a few hundred cars, instead of a few thousand like they do at the Detroit show. It was still a lot of fun, though.

Jon in the 2010 4Runner.

Rachael in the 2010 PT Cruiser.

Rachael's dream car (not really, but it is a pretty cool car), the 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour.

Also In January, we attended a really fun ugly sweater party with some friends. Good food, good friends, and good fun!
What a goofy bunch of people! But also, what great friends!

We have a had an incredible January, and already have some awesome plans for February. This year is going to be a great one!