Monday, May 17, 2010

Mid-Diet and the Yard

Well, so much for posting the pictures the next day. We did take some though. Jon is down 17 lbs and I am down 13 lbs now. We are pretty excited but at the same time stoked to eat normal food again.

Here's skinny Jon. His shirts are all getting to be loose.

I haven't lost as much as he has, but my jeans are fitting way better.

In other news, this weekend we got four new fishes for our tank from one of the ladies at my work.

Here are most of the fish. There are: a bala shark, koi, angel fish, and bottom feeder. The others are our tiger barbs, gourami, and placostamus.

We also worked a lot in the yard. It's looking pretty good but it will be even better by this time next week. We planted the flowers and put down some dandelion killing fertilizer. Jon will be rerouting a few of the sprinklers in the back yard this week and we will plant our vegetables and a couple trees back there too.

The flowers in front are red, white, and blue. The bushes are a new addition as well.

Last on our update, we have a family of birds living above our porch and it is so fun to go out and hear them in the mornings.

That little black hole is where the nest of birds live.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Free Advertising

Nope, it's not Jon like I bet Maggie would have guessed, it's me, Rachael. Since completing school a couple of weeks ago I have decided to declutter our house. Not that a house that has only been lived in for 8 months can really be that cluttered. We moved all of Jon's things from the basement of the North Salt Lake house and went through them. I cleared out the storage room getting rid of papers from elementary school and receipts that Jon had in boxes since before his mission. With his permission of course. Together Jon and I cut down some branches from one of our trees, gutted both flower beds and moved our rose bushes.

We are finally getting down to business and fixing up the things around here that we said we wanted to. I have not taken pictures yet of these projects because we haven't planted new flowers and the office is deskless until this weekend when we move the BEAUTIFUL wooden desk into our house finally. We did frame Jon's documents though and we are just waiting for my diploma to get here so that it can be framed with Jon's and posted on the wall in there also. So, where does free advertising come in you ask? Well, in all of this decluttering I found a few things that we NEVER use and they just take up space in our basement, so they are for sale. I posted them on KSL, but thought mentioning them here might not hurt. So, check it out. We have a full weight set, a printer, and a 300 disc CD changer. I know, not a whole lot of excitement but maybe something you could use? If not it's all good. Just thought I could mention it.

In other news, Jon and I are doing well on our diet. The Biggest Loser competition with the Hamilton family is still around and it will be interesting to see how everyone does this Memorial Day weekend as they come out to Utah to visit and celebrate. Jon and I are looking forward to that and I am definitely looking forward to my visit to Vegas the first week of June to hang out with the Barries. All of this weight loss will be worth it during our summer of travels. Hopefully we get better at keeping you all updated on those travels. Oh, and since no one reads a blog without pictures, here is a pre diet picture. We will take a mid-diet picture tonight that will be added to this post when I get home from work.

Not the best for pre-diet, but you will see in the mid one how much of a difference there is.